A 48 Hour ‘Deadline’

Excitement. Nerves. Adrenaline. Stuffed. Frustration. Relief. Exhaustion. Repeat x3

That was my weekend. I realise it’s now Thursday when I’m typing this but my mind needed a few days to make sense of itself once again. Anyway, this past weekend was the 48 Hour Film Project in Brisbane in which our awesomely talented team, the Femme Fatales, competed for a chance at filmmaking glory! Or to at least have an excuse to eat copious amounts of sugar. 🍫 🍬 🍭 I believe we achieved both. 😉

The way the competition works is each team is given a random genre of which they have to write, shoot and edit a 4-7 minute film in 48 hours and must include three key elements. This year’s elements that were to be included were:

Prop - Bubble Wrap

Character - Olive or Oliver Macguffin, a Travel Writer

Line of Dialogue - It’s the only logical conclusion OR It is the only logical conclusion.

Our genre…?


This was our second time taking part in this marathon weekend and with last time being so successful, we thought, why not put ourselves through all the craziness again? Some might call this behaviour masochistic; I call it being dedicated to our craft (and sugar). 

Anyway, once time had started 🏁 we headed straight for… food of course! After that we headed off to start the brainstorming process which started off really well and then we hit around midnight and all four of our brains suddenly stopped working around the same time… finally we got to a loose script/outline we were vaguely happy with, mostly because it now meant sleep time. 😴

Fast forward to the next day and while I hastily got things ready for post production (which is when I would really be tagged in) the team got to filming with our fabulous actors. 🎬 🎭 Day 2 went pretty smoothly over all (except the Sun set faster than it probably ever has before) and then it was up to me to wrangle the data and begin putting together the pieces of our suspenseful puzzle. 

Just 8 hours of editing + sound design + colour grade + credits building + exporting + freaking out + numerous plays of Macklemore’s ‘Downtown’ later and we were DONE! WITH 7 MINUTES TO SPARE! 🎉⏰ 

That's a Bubble Wrap!

That's a Bubble Wrap!

As I mentioned once or twice, it was a crazy and exhausting weekend but all in all it’s some of the most fun you’ll ever have; especially with the right people (Bree, Lucy, Alex, Zoe, Leilani, Adam) ❤️ If you’re an emerging filmmaker or even an established one that wants to push their skills, this is definitely an awesome and worthwhile experience. 

What happens now? Our film ‘Deadline’ will be screened on Oct 8th. Tickets on sale now - https://goo.gl/CluzdZ 

A trailer will also be coming soon so stay tuned!